Cipressino fruit
Sep 16th, 2023 by Michael

These one gallon Cipressino are only about two years old but this year decided they were ready to produce. When olives flower and fruit, they do so on the previous year’s growth but it’s unusual to see young trees this heavily laden with fruit. But Cipressino are a very vigorous and productive varietal as is evident here.

Cipressino single leader
Sep 8th, 2022 by Michael
Cipressino 1 gal single leader

We typically train our small trees to start out with a single leader. As they mature the lateral branching forms the basic vase like structure that favours high olive production (and strong primary branches). These Cipressino are almost two years old and have developed a good framework for healthy growth.

Sep 7th, 2022 by Michael

Cipressino 1 gallon

We haven’t had Cipressino available for sale in many years but it’s back and available in one gallon pots as either single leader or, as pictured here, multi-branched ($60 for either, although not in terracotta pots). Cipressino, aka Frangivento, has an upright columnar growth habit (hence the name referencing columnar Cypress). It’s other name, Frangivento, means wind break as it is often planted along driveways or in areas needing some wind protection. Cipressino is a vigorous grower and well-adapted to growing conditions in the Southern Gulf islands and South Vancouver Island.

Early Fruiting varieties
Sep 29th, 2021 by Michael

Seascape bloomed earlier than any other variety this year and it’s ripening up earlier than others as well. Not a heavy fruit set but that’s expected with such young trees.

As mentioned, fruit set in young one gallon trees is the exception rather than the rule. Here’s what most of the Seascapes this age look like now:

A few Nikita Jubilee also set fruit as young one gallon trees but are carrying a heavier load of fruit than the Seascape. These comparisons among young varieties are interesting but not indicative of how they will fare when older. I think Seascape and Nikita are about equal in their productivity although it looks like Nikita bears slightly larger olives than the Seascape. Here are a couple photos of Nikita’s with olives (taken on Sept 27, 2021):

Updated product thumbnails
Apr 27th, 2021 by Michael

We’ve added thumbnails on our store page for the newer one gallon cultivars that we brought from Oregon in late March. All the trees are looking healthy but vary in size at the moment. Typically the smaller one gallon trees will catch up in size by July.

Here’s the thumbnail for Nikita Jubilee:

1 gal Nikita Jubilee April 2021

And here’s Harvest Joy:

1 gal Harvest Joy April 2021
New trees have arrived
Mar 31st, 2021 by Michael

We have a new shipment of one gallon trees in stock. Our new varieties Nikita Jubilee and Bountiful are looking great.

One gal Nikita Jubilee
One gal Bountiful

Now taking orders for Spring 2021
Mar 7th, 2021 by Michael

The online store is now live. You can also order directly by emailing to sales@olivetrees.ca (with any order or inquiry always provide your location and phone number).

At the moment we will only have one gallon size trees available for sale (most deliveries in May). Also, all varieties at this time are self-infertile so will need a companion variety to set fruit. Any other available variety should work as a pollinator.

Online sales ended for season
Jul 8th, 2020 by Michael

The online store is now offline until next season. Sales are also now closed for the summer. Thanks for a great 2020 season! Stay safe and have a great summer!

Delivery Dates
Jun 28th, 2020 by Michael

We will be delivering trees to Vancouver, July 2 and Vancouver Island (including SSI), July 7 or 8. Varieties available at our online store include: Leccino, Premier, Seascape and Universal. If you haven’t already ordered trees there may still be time. Please note we only have one gallon trees available for sale. 
You can use the online store to order trees.

Sales ending soon
Jun 23rd, 2020 by Michael

We still have trees in stock but our 2020 sales season will end soon so if you want trees this year place an order soon. Deliveries are starting this week to Vancouver Island and next week to Vancouver.

Starting from left: Leccino, Universal, Seascape, Premier
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