Early Fruiting varieties
September 29th, 2021 by Michael

Seascape bloomed earlier than any other variety this year and it’s ripening up earlier than others as well. Not a heavy fruit set but that’s expected with such young trees.

As mentioned, fruit set in young one gallon trees is the exception rather than the rule. Here’s what most of the Seascapes this age look like now:

A few Nikita Jubilee also set fruit as young one gallon trees but are carrying a heavier load of fruit than the Seascape. These comparisons among young varieties are interesting but not indicative of how they will fare when older. I think Seascape and Nikita are about equal in their productivity although it looks like Nikita bears slightly larger olives than the Seascape. Here are a couple photos of Nikita’s with olives (taken on Sept 27, 2021):

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